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These days, no modern developer is surprised by the unique features and functions of the cross-platform Unity game engine. After all, its popularity dates back many years, from the time when it was first released as a single application for Mac OS X, but after a while it became available for Windows and Linux The development of Unity Technologies became so popular that at the moment the engine is considered the most commonly used, as it has more than two million registered users, in particular it was used as the engine for creating more than 75 000 games.

Unity 3D

Today, many independent developers and large companies prefer to use Unity 3D. It is popular because it is quite easy to learn and use, but there are also opportunities to create unique games that would have visual fidelity. Although the engine Unity 3D is not the only popular platform that is used to develop modern projects, but it deserves special attention because of the unique tools and functionality of the interface.

With the use of Unity

With the use of Unity is possible to create modern games for different platforms, including two and three-dimensional graphics, development of augmented and virtual reality. Many developers prefer Unity, because at the entry level it can be downloaded and used for free, as an introduction to the possibilities.

What does it take to become a Unity developer?

It takes a lot more effort to become a Unity developer than you might initially think. Because despite the ease and simplicity of the engine in the mastering will need to get the basic knowledge and skills, which would help to develop in the future. You need to be well versed in C#, JavaScript and other programming languages.

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Unity developers spend a significant amount of time writing code to tie in other development tasks such as creating levels, creating scripts for various game elements, developing animations, etc. It's also a job that requires the ability to fix bugs.

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The scripting languages that are best suited for creating games in Unity


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Quite often Unity games are developed using scripting languages. The engine supports these scripting languages, including C#, JavaScript and Boo. It's worth noting that Unity doesn't support more complex languages like Python, Java and C++.

For game development with Unity the best scripting language is C#, all because it's the most popular among the developers who use this engine in game development. Over the years, the Unity engine has evolved in many different ways to meet the needs and demands of developers. Using Unity in the development of modern games is a big step forward, as it indicates a change in the rules of the game in the industry.

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